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Patient Testimonials

At A Honeycomb of Health, your health and well being is our top priority. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible care for you and your family and we truly value your feedback about your care experience.

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Nicolas Carrera

(7/25/2020 via Facebook reviews)

"Dr. Tina Bennett has been my chiropractor and guardian angel since I was 15 years old. Without her loving care and constant support every time I had an injury, I would not have been able to reach the World Cup in 2019 and sign my professional soccer contract in Germany last week."

Jourdinn Baker

September 2019

"Lukas was born 3.5 months early and had an 88 day NICU stay. He was growth restricted at birth which resulted in a flat spot on the right side of his head that became more prominent as he grew. As soon as he was discharged from the NICU, we started looking for a chiropractor to try and avoid having to get a little helmet and that’s when we found Dr. Tina. She has worked with Lukas weekly for nearly 3 years now and she helped completely reshape his head where it is just beautiful and you would never know there used to be an issue. As he grew, we realized with him being in the NICU and having a favorite side (his left side), he was very stiff and this caused a lot of issues when it came time to crawl and later walk. We moved our appointments with Dr. Tina to 2x a week to work on the lifting of his body and the crawling and she was able to realign his troubled arm and leg to make it easier for him to army crawl and then eventually crawl like a normal little guy! After that, we moved the appointments back to once a week to help keep everything proper to start walking on time as well. Dr. Tina has been a miracle worker for my little Lukas from the moment we set foot in her office!"

Erik Radle

(December 2023 via Google reviews)

Impressed with the people at Honeycomb of Health. Friendly staff, super convenient location and a great value too. I have already booked again...

Juan Carrera

(December 2023 via Google reviews)

Best place ever. Dr. Bennett is the best doctor. She is our "go to" in almost any situation. Her staff is incredible too.

Jenny Rodriguez

(December 2023 via Google reviews)

Started seeing Dr. Bennett due to a breech baby. Not only do I feel so much better during the last few weeks of pregnancy, she was able to flip our baby with her chiropractic care! We are so grateful for her!

Roni Henderson

(December 2023 via Google reviews)

I was quickly diagnosed and treatment began. It impressed me that she had different additional electronic devices to more quickly generate healing and relieve pain. The Massage Therapy techniques were also very helpful.

Brenda Johnson

(December 2023 via Google reviews)

If you are in search of an intuitive masseuse, look no further than Miss Cortez at Honeycomb of Health. Warm and inviting atmosphere and a quality massage is what I experienced. I'll be back!

Mike C

(December 2023 via Google reviews)

Love coming here! My back feels so much better and everyone at Honeycomb of health is very welcoming and Dr. Burton is simply awesome!

Elizabeth Welt

(December 2023 via Google reviews)

I love this place! Dr. Tina is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. And so many services available. Check out the Red Light and Beemer program!

csmith biggs
(October 6, 2021 via Google reviews)

Dr. Tina has the best hands and the strongest crew of skilled massage therapist in Dallas! Everyone is on time and professional but still has the holistic approach to wellness that I feel for.

Leiloni Abercrombie
(October 1, 2021 via
Google reviews)

Terrence is amazing. Worked out all my soreness. Felt so much better I immediately made a follow up. Originally used a Groupon and it was the best purchase ever.

(September 20, 2021 via
Google reviews)

Great experience! Staff was very friendly and Dr. Tina is great! Got an adjustment and massage will definitely be back.

Sarah Wise
(July 30, 2021 via
Google reviews)

Started taking my mom here to help with her back pain and mobility. This is a fantastic chiropractor and I highly recommend her. Her skill and patience is beyond excellent. She has been able to help my mother and it's getting her moving better. This is giving my mom hope. You have no idea how priceless that is. Enjoy

B Sypho
(July 14, 2021 via
Google reviews)

- Currently sitting in the parking lot after my very first visit today & it was great... Terrance did a wonderful job loosing up my tight areas , I had a lot of tight spots in my back & shoulders he took his time and got all those knots out & I stood up on my feet afterwards with a big relief & feeling awesome I recommend “Anyone or everyone” to go check out Terrance he is great with what he loves to do.

Laz Wes
(July 11, 2021 via
Google reviews)

My massage was literally amazing

Gregory McDonald
(June 2021 via
Google reviews)


(5/21/2021 via Google reviews)

Go see my girl Tina!!

James Stanley
(5/10/2021 via
Google reviews)


Anna Marie Clements
(4/21/2021 via
Facebook reviews)

Awesome service and the staff were amazing!

(4/12/2021 via Google reviews)

Dr. B is absolutely amazing I've been a client of hers since 2011. She cares about her clients and their well-being. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and lastly she is extremely understanding. Thank you Dr. B! You are sincerely appreciated!
- Sheena

Y E. P
(4/8/2021 via
Google reviews)

It has been said that a great work of literature will refer to another novel in its narrative. After receiving a gracious greeting from the Clinician, she offered a name of an in-network allergist to address my associate symptoms (from a recent move -seasonal issues). This was in my first 3 minutes.

I arrive exactly at my appt time (GOOGLE MAPS directions were less than stellar - turn at the sign that indicates to Medical Pkwy then look at the map for precise location).

My MT, Swan, was exemplary. The experience was so pleasent, I fully plan to schedule in May.

Nilkantha Neupane
(4/1/2021 via
Google reviews)

Covers all type of insurance, reliable, and Helpful staff.
Definitely recommended.

Ethan Landry
(3/18/2021 via
Google reviews)

What an experience! I went to DCM for a massage via Groupon and it was everything and more. I feel like a new man. So glad I went, and will be back!!

Telling all my friends (:

Abigail Vasquez
(3/4/2021 via
Google reviews)

Dr. Tina is amazing at what she does. I was having nerve problems with my back. Dr. Tina took the time to listen and heal me. Great service, I highly recommend making Dr. Tina your chiropractor.

J'Boogie Harris
(2/28/2021 via
Google reviews)

I've been looking for a good place to get my swedish massages done and I believe this is it! Terrence is amazing!! I highly recommend.

Elizabeth Bentley
(2/26/2021 via
Google reviews)


Edgar Lima
(1/12/2021 via
Google reviews)


Kelsey mahieu
(9/24/2020 via
Google reviews)

"Highly recommend to anyone in DFW area! Dr. Tina is the absolute best chiropractor around. It's so nice to have a doctor actually who cares about their patients and isn't just trying to rush you in and out to see as many people as possible. Truly is a pleasure to visit her office!"

Cynthia Gammill
(3/26/2018 via Square feedback)

"Accurate diagnosis of swallowing issues when eating and electric shocks in both feet at night all stemming from a neck issue."

Larry Robison
(2/4/2018 via
Facebook reviews)

"The best in Dallas. You will not find a better chiropractor. Dr. Tina Bennett Burton really cares for her patients and goes the extra mile."

Cmpzno Migue
(8/10/2018 via
Facebook reviews)

"The staff is very welcoming and Dr. Burton is awesome!! Highly recommended!!"

Karen Hudes
(12/21/2017 via
Facebook reviews)

"Dr. Burton is an amazing person and Doctor. Definitely one of my favourite people right now and hands down my first choice of Chiropractor to go to in Dallas. I would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to her."

Jourdinn Baker
(12/1/2018 via
Google reviews)

"I will recommend this place for chiropractic care 10 fold.. my preemie has been seeing her since he was dismissed from the NICU and she has fixed every issue that arose.. flat head..No problem! Tight joints..Fixed! couldnt crawl right.. in just a few sessions she had loosened him and he started crawling when nobody thought he would.. she is truly a blessing for my son and I!"

Liliana Martus
(11/19/2019 via
Facebook reviews)

"Love her I definitely feel the difference."

Rosemary Dobrich-batanjski
(12/21/2017 via
Facebook reviews)

"Dr. Burton is one of the best!!! Such a caring physician. I Would recommend anybody bring their family to her!"

Mike Speiser
(11/6/2014 via
Facebook reviews)

"Confession: I was skeptical about chiropractic medicine, and initially went there to use a massage groupon. Dr. Burton is exceptionally educated, trained, competent, caring, and insightful. When I later injured my right shoulder, I returned to Dr. Burton with fantastic results. Want to take care of yourself? Dr. Burton is who you want. She's an expert at what she does, and what she does provides immense benefit."

Molly DeVoss
(10/25/2013 via
Facebook reviews)

"Dr. Tina is the only chiropractor I've ever gone to who really DOES "fix" you in short order - with lasting effects. I'd recommend her to anyone!"

Lisa Rogers
(5/1/2019 via
Google reviews)

"Dr Bennett is an awesome physician and a very caring person. I highly recommend her for your chiropractic needs!"

Mike C
(2018 via
Google reviews)

"Love coming here! My back feels so much better staff is very welcoming and Dr. Burton is simply awesome!"

Larry Robison
(2018 via
Google reviews)

"The last chiropractor you’ll ever need. You’re not just a client, but treated like family. They truly care for you."

Richard Markus
(2018 via
Google reviews)

"Dr. Bennett goes out of her way to ensure that your needs are taken care of. I highly recommend this place for anybody with chiropractic needs."

Rajendra Kumar Tambabattula
(2018 via
Google reviews)

"Staff are very friendly. I will definitely suggest in my group."

john t digregorio
(1/10/2013 via
Facebook reviews)

"Dr.Tina is the best, really helped relieve my pain! She is one of the BEST Chiropractors I've ever gone to! Thank You!"

Zhavon Abdullah
(2/19/2018 via Square feedback)

"Feels like home."

Jorge Monrroy
(10/1/2019 via Square feedback)

"Friendly staff, loved the experience."

Stephen Parker
(7/15/2019 via Square feedback)

"Very pleasant, professional and effective visit."

Joan Thibodaux
(1/5/2018 via Square feedback)

"I'm getting better thanks to Dr. Tina's specialized care."

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