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Vitamin shots are intramuscular injections that deliver vital vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream to boost your body's immunity functions and energy levels quickly and efficiently. Traditional oral vitamins take a lengthy trip through your digestive system where they often lose a significant portion of their nutrients before they are finally absorbed through your gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin shots deliver 100% of their nutrients directly into your bloodstream for fast, effective results. Whether you have a known deficiency or are simply trying to reach your health goals, schedule a free consultation today to see how vitamin shots can support your health journey. Our Medical Director, Dr. Carrie Carda, MD, oversees all of our Injection services.

IV Drip Therapy Options

  • Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in the healthy functioning of many syst...

    15 min

    $25 per injection
  • Vitamin D plays a vital role in the healthy functioning of many system...

    15 min

    $25 per injection

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