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Get a comprehensive analysis of your genetic predisposition to absorbing micronutrients in your diet. Even if you eat a perfectly balanced diet with plenty of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, most of us have some difficulty in absorbing one or more micronutrients at the cellular level. Understanding your genetic profile for how your body likely processes key vitamins and minerals is an important step in developing a healthy nutrition program.


Supplements are powerful tools. Under the guidance of a trusted practitioner, they can deliver profound health benefits. Proper nutrition can act as first line therapy in the prevention and treatment of disease and the promotion of optimal health. We partner with Metagenics and NuMedica to offer our patients the lowest prices on the best nutritional supplements from companies dedicated to science, research, quality and transparency. You may also use our Fullscript store to purchase other products at our discounted pricing, supplements, pillows, as well as organic cosmetics and cleansers.


Call to schedule your comprehensive analysis. Click the logos below to shop for hand-picked supplements.

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