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January's a Wrap! Review of Diet & Exercise Rules Event

I'm happy to report January is complete. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm happy it's in the rear view mirror because it was basically a call-in-sick month. Anyway, down 3 more pounds but I can assure you not for the right reasons. The highlight reel was "suck it up cupcake and get 'er done." 🙂

We had our first 20/20 Health talk "Diet & Exercise Rules" on the 28th. If you missed it, basically keep in mind if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Nothing out works the good old fashion basics of eat right and exercise. There was great clean wine (no added sugars, preservatives, sulfites, etc), an amazing charcuterie board and wonderful camaraderie. At the end, there were two couples (older) that had specific health questions about weight loss, cardiovascular health and basically keeping it going.

So, let's address that here for a moment. If you have had cardiovascular issues and are still struggling for whatever reason, please do not take it upon yourself to just jump in head first. Don't add supplements because it's what the commercial on TV said or it's what you read in a meme on social media. Why you ask? Blood thinners are a thing and honestly some supplements cause blood thinning. Some supplements interact, or worse negate, some medications. Some foods shouldn't be eaten with certain medications. The list could go on. Let's be safe. There are Interventional Cardiologists that actually specialize in helping you get where you want/need to be. Look one up and make an appointment.

I stand by some basic principles:

  • Everyone should be on a multi-vitamin (no iron for men unless specified by a medical provider), pre/probiotics and Vit D3 (K2 for uptake).

  • Avoid any product that will perform miracles in little to no time.

  • Never buy exercise equipment from an infomercial.

  • Start off on the right foot…and shoe.

  • Be accountable to someone else

  • Don’t begin any program that required an exercise physiologist

  • Choose activities that you enjoy

  • Start right - keep it light.

  • Don’t increase more than 10% per week.

  • Get winded 4-6 times per week.

  • Pass the “talk test.”

  • Go aerobic for weight loss.

  • Hit the weights.

  • Push it…and pull it.

  • Mix it up and have some fun!

  • Use a pool.

  • Don’t forget to stretch!

  • Listen to your body, not your mind

  • Just do it!

Starting a new exercise regime and working out can create aches and pains that can be addressed by chiropractic care. Let us help you be and stay successful. Give us a call (214-272-9509) or request an appointment online to schedule a free consultation today!

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